Taking Flight: Behind the leap9 Brand

Confused by our neon coloured ramp and name? Tom, our head of Talent Practice, explains where they came from.

In 1968, Bob Beamon successfully completed the longest unaided flight by man. His 8.90m Olympic record long jump would go down in history as a metaphor for human potential. “The man who saw lightning”.

Beamon’s jump was unprecedented in the history of the sport. He travelled a distance immeasurable by the installed equipment and forced officials to measure manually.

The event sparked the usage of the term ‘Beamonesque’ in the sports world, to describe legendary achievements. 

The story serves as an inspiration to us. leap9 is a new breed of talent business designed to help entrepreneurial companies scale. We stand for pushing the limits of human potential.

After Mike Powell overtook Beamon’s record — 23 years later — landing an 8.95m jump. Leaping 9 meters now stands as the next frontier for long jumpers.

At leap9, we embody the pursuit of that 9-meter leap in our own culture and in our partnerships with ambitious start-ups and scale-ups.

Our mission is to create conditions for growth by pushing our partners towards their next evolution in people performance.

Internally, we created our own culture and values in line with that same passion for pursuing excellence, making an impact, and having fun along the way:

Be Extraordinary

Be relentless in your pursuit of the extraordinary and always ask ‘is this truly incredible?’ Harness the power of the team, push each other to be the best we can be. Never, ever give up, or settle for second best.

Be Adventurous

Embody the spirit of adventure, be bold, take positive risks, always seek the new. Stay interested and interesting.

Be Authentic

Be yourself, be honest and straightforward and stay true to what we believe in. Be an original and operate with integrity.

Make an Impact

Deliver results, leave every partner we work with in a better place than they started.

Be Kind

This one needs no explanation. But just in case… be kind. Life is short, life is hard sometimes. We can all succeed and we’re more likely to if we work with kindness at the heart of our culture.