People, Data, Action: The leap9 Approach

Antonia Woods, our in-house Business Psychologist, discusses the relationship between people data and growth.

We’re on a mission to help ambitious businesses put their people data into action. It’s time to ditch gut feel and bring intellectual and analytical rigour to the people space.

Most, if not all leaders want their business to be ‘data-driven’, many will think that they are, but few are getting the most out of their data. In truth, only 29% are successfully linking data to actionable results.

The potential here is massive. Businesses that are data driven are better able to identify problems, implement solutions, and adapt quickly to changing environments.

A recent study from Forrester linked a data-driven approach to a 30% increase in annual business growth, a 5-6% increase in productivity, and the potential for billions in additional net income.

Considering the volume of talk around being data driven over recent years, many businesses have been slow to adapt and 62.5% say the biggest struggle in adopting a data-driven approach is people (NewVantage).

Companies that are data-driven have been proactively designed to facilitate that approach. Part of that proactivity rests on achieving company buy-in and momentum.

Cultural change is usually the most critical element in making an organisation more data driven. Yet it is also the area that receives the least investment, and it is the toughest to get right.

Pawan Kumar, Ramy Sedra & Javier Barguñó Casanova

It often stems from an over-reliance on intuition or historical precedent. Crucial decisions, especially about people, are often made without the backing of data. It’s even rarer to find businesses using data to track the impact of people decisions and initiatives.

New ways of working are required to harness people data into usable and actionable insights. Once you clarify, contextualise, and then align your people data to your wider business strategy and goals, the commercial significance becomes clear.

From engagement scores, to performance outcomes and investments into new employer branding or development initiatives, data enables business leaders to identify, solve, and track key people issues inhibiting commercial growth.

The approach behind leap9 is to bring intellectual and analytical rigour to the people space. It centres around helping ambitious businesses take action on their people data to drive growth. To achieve this, we present data in a way that makes it meaningful so that you can make better decisions about your people & your business.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Carly Fiorina – former CEO, Hewlett-Packard

The solutions are end-to-end, from initial data collection, to problem spotting and corrective action, enabling you to track the impact of your people on the bottom line. See how we helped Urban harness the power of data to measure employee engagement and create an authentic set of values & a culture that got everybody aligned behind a new mission.